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moveIT ISS+

moveIT ISS+ is a state-of-the-art desktop application with maximum functionality. It offers the user a simple and fast way to enter, calculate, offer and process complex products, guided and error-free.

The tool for professionals

Your B2B solution for complex products.

Behind the moveIT@ISS+ software (Integrated Sales Software) is a unique system for the calculation and sale of variant-rich products. In addition to an enormously powerful product configurator for mapping a guided and thus secure and simple product entry
the system offers a wide range of functions to provide the best possible support for the requirements of a manufacturer’s day-to-day sales activities in the office/outside sales or with its distribution partners (dealers, wholesalers, DIY stores, …).

Features moveIT ISS+

Complete sales process

Separate document management from the offer through the order confirmation
to the electronic order provides overview and traceability

Safe integration

Standard or individual interfaces to ERP systems eliminate duplicate data entry and sources of error.

Powerful configurator

Whether as a fixed component of our sales solutions or as a supplement for your ERP

... and many helpful functions for your daily business

moveIT ISS+ offers countless convenient functions for professional sales processing


Discount and markup calculation, both purchase and sales side, product group, scale and multi-level discounts.

Multi-brand capability

Due to the integrated multi-supplier/multi-brand capability, users can be provided with a wide selection of suppliers or brands and their products if desired.


Fast position detection based on predefined feature characteristics

Multiple change

Quick change of product features over several positions after simple input

Extensive text system

A wide range of functions enables a wide variety of print presentations, including the user’s own print templates and designs.

Electronic Order

The electronic transmission of the complete parameterization offers the highest order security

In the construction industry

Complex products with many interdependencies, in addition to a wide variety of product and price calculation modalities, are part of day-to-day business in the construction elements industry. Coupled with the individuality of the products of each supplier, professional technical advice on the part of the trade sometimes reaches its limits.
With sophisticated solutions for these demanding requirements, the moveIT ISS+ software increasingly developed as a standard for manufacturers and retailers. As a special USP, moveIT ISS+ offers “multi-vendor capability” for use in retail. With moveIT ISS+, the configuration, calculation and processing of products from different suppliers can be carried out in just one system – a huge and unique advantage for the user and his customers.


With its functionality, the moveIT ISS+ sales and configuration platform brings more simplicity, security, professionalism and transparency to the daily sales process.
Powerful configurator incl. Visualization, price calculation and much more.
Use moveIT Databox
Multi-brand/multi-vendor capability
Extremely comprehensive range of functions for handling day-to-day business
Part of the solution family for efficient multi-channel retailing

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