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Online company workshop

Max. 4 people

With our online offering, up to 5 of your employees can upgrade their skills, conveniently from their office, meeting room or even home office. Sometimes important functions are lost because they are not always used immediately after basic training, although they are quite helpful. Let us adapt the workflow of your employees even better to your processes, we optimize it and you give your employees more possibilities.

Training package consisting of:

Block 1

09:00 – 12:00
(incl. 15 min break)

Block 2

09:00 – 12:00
(incl. 15 min break)

120 minutes

individual aftercare by arrangement

€ 790,00

per training package

(excl. VAT)

Advanced *

* Topics are collected centrally at the client and then emailed to the trainer. This creates a standard business case from this, which contains all the desired topics. In addition, goods master maintenance, innovations in the program, interfaces, tips & tricks for product master data (model change, templates, etc.) are incorporated.

Technical requirements

moveIT Software GmbH provides the video conferencing software MS Teams. Participants need a PC/laptop with internet access (>3mB/s), a headset or loudspeaker and an external microphone.

If available - would be an advantage

Ideally, the training participant has access to the company’s own version of moveIT@ISS+ during the training. Here, it is advantageous if a second screen is available so that it is not necessary to constantly switch between the application windows.

Training procedure

The participants follow the steps shown by the trainer. All questions are built into the training process and explained and/or demonstrated accordingly. In certain areas, the individual participant is prompted to perform tasks/functions in the conference software itself via direction changes. If a participant needs active support, it is possible by means of direction change in the conference software. Those users who have access to their own moveIT@ISS+ version in parallel to the training are encouraged to execute all shown functions and steps immediately in parallel and to follow along.


The dates for the training blocks are coordinated individually between the customer and moveIT.

Training content

Topics can be arranged individually, see the following points, of course, active questions on other interesting topics will also be dealt with.

Master of goods

Multiple selection in the model search

Create your own discounts

Define address format

Customer base

Combination graphic #G

Price corrections

Text system

Create employee master

Text editing


Distribute document to several customers

Product text


Additional services (assemblies)

Contact persons

Price request to a supplier

User master